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This beautiful painting was channeled after I spent a weekend at the Shakti Festival. I was in a vision quest, breathwork session, and suddenly, the face of Krishna came into my presence. I rushed home and spent six weeks, literally locked in the house, painting.

This is an acrylic mixed media painting on a square canvas. It's magnificent. If you want the original, it is still available, so reach out. The painting has the essence of the gods.

The forces of light are sweeping through. The angels are gathering. Feel their song and presence within you. Gather up your strength for victory is at hand. Be the light. Trust all is unfolding for the highest good.❤️🌹⭐️💕🎶🧚🏿‍♂️🌈♥️.
You have all you need to move forward...tune in to your intuitive soul voice to raise your vibrations and your inner convictions.

Purchase your copy as a giclee print on canvas now and uplift your energies in your home. 

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