Power on - How to turn on your Master Healer Switch for more energy and vitality

Power on - How to turn on your Master Healer Switch for more energy and vitality

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This is a two-session program; session one, 30 minutes consists of the Soul Awakening Sessions so you can begin to know what you truly want, and what is needed to move forward. 

     Session ONE - Soul Awakening Session

This time together allows us to understand your overall mission and purpose, to release and re-shift your life challenges and obstacles, and align your body with your soul purpose. Literally, this assists us to successfully receive the activation that occurs in the next session.  

Second session you learn how to assess where you are, where you want to go, and learn actual tools to turn on this switch and activate your energies.

Session Two is the Master Healer Switch

Experience the turning on of your Master Healer Switch and the alignment with the Master controls of your body and spirit. You will feel into the connection between your body and your brain, your innate intelligence, and crown chakra so you can receive healing and activation to all parts of your body. This is truly a remarkable process and clients are experiencing more energy, increased awareness, and a renewed sense of well-being and direction.

With your payment let me know your available times. We do the session on Zoom and you receive a recording. There are no refunds. People have been very happy with these sessions and often continue on to our next level of mastery.

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