Mother Mary is one of the original divine beings, the Earth Messengers, that I was told to "paint us and we will come." She brings healing energies of wisdom and compassion.

The Divine Heart of Mother Mary


Welcome to the Sanctuary and Studio of Joan of Angels, messenger and oracle for the divine beings that are here to assist humanity.


I am taking you inside the gallery to begin our journey and our connection to these divine beings, who have come here to help you step into your higher self, your consciousness of love and compassion.


For we know that world peace truly starts with inner peace, and that is the message of Mother Mary.

Mother Mary lets us know that self-caring, loving ourselves, nurturing and fluffing our wings is essential to be able to assist and care for others.


The world is fractured right now, and chaos is reigning. Harsh words tear at our hearts, violence literally rips the fabric of our souls as do scream out in agony. Our auric field, instead of being light and bright, becomes dim and clouded over with other people’s energies, fracturing heart and soul.

Mother Mary, with her brilliant eyes of compassion and healing, assures us that we are not alone, that the angelic beings and ascended masters are with us know, always guiding and directing us.  She does tell us though, that when we are not kind to ourselves, when we self -deprecate, play the victim, demean or otherwise belittle ourselves, we shred our vibrations even more.





It’s easy my friends, just breathe her in, breathe in her essence, her perfume, her frequencies and most of her love. Feel her eyes penetrating into the depths of your soul smoothing out the inconsistencies, the fractures, the bruises so healing can occur.

Allow yourself to step into her eyes, following the crystalline structures you see here in the images, and go deep inside so that you might love as she loves, see as she sees, and look through her eyes at the sea of humanity praying for release and healing.

Become one with her consciousness.


If you could but for a minute my beloved ones, see yourself through her heart, through her eyes, through her essence, you would only have love and compassion for yourselves.

Imagine right now, these celestial energies from heaven, from above, coming down through your crown chakra, through the light that Mother Mary is reflecting to us right now.


See this clear luminescent liquid of pure white light flowing down through your crown chakra and flowing directly into your brain, your brainstem, and spreading down through your entire body. See her directly behind you, infusing your entire system with her frequencies.


As her energy flows through you, from the heavens, through your crown and your spine, let go, breathe away, any lower frequencies, any pain, sorrow, doubt, fears, anything that keep you from feeling whole, unified and in balance.


As we do this, know you are opening up and making room for new energies, of healing, of love of compassion and unity.


We are collectively acting as a portal and a conductor for these energies and celestial beings. Together, we are letting go of anything that serves to keep us from being the masters of our destiny.

Feel this celestial light fluid infusing your body and healing any mis-alignments in your physical or emotional bodies.


Healing any lack of balance and integrity, any despair, and any fear. Feel this fluid now bringing you a sense of peace and joy, of calmness going through your entire body and welcoming you to a new level of being.


We are whole.

We are safe.

We are calm.

We can, should we choose, energize through our crown chakra and become a tower of healing miracle power. This fluid heals our heart, it heals our body and it heals our soul.

Feel right now the soothing of inner and outer wounds.

Allow yourself to feel the expressions of joy, of compassion and love, for she is telling me that you are beautiful.

Your smile she tells me, can yes, change the world.

Your tender look, your touch, can create that joyful place in another’s heart that will heal these wounds.

Allow this energy to go through you and change our vibrations.

Feel your energy shifting so strongly that you can literally see a tower of light that comes down through Mother Mary as the portal, assisting you in becoming that powerful light that can heal the world around us. This is in fact the Tower of Miracle Power.


Your light frequency as you practice this, will grow stronger and literally lift up hundreds, maybe thousands of people in your community. Imagine what a difference this will make for world peace starts with you. it starts with inner peace.

Notice the gold crown around her head, and imagine she is standing right behind you, radiating that light into your crown, and becoming one with her.

Feel her heart leaping into yours, so your heart is one with hers, your compassion and love can literally heal the world as she can.


Raise your frequency dear one, and allow the healings to occur with you, and through you, for she needs us to be the physical body, the embodiment of her loving heart.


We collectively, known as the Earth Messengers, are divine beings here to assist humanity. This series was channeled in the fall and winter of 2014, as I was being told to “paint us and we will come.”


At that time, I was asked to be a paintbrush for the divine, and act as a channel or messenger for their messages. Oh yes, and, I was told that it was important for us humans to see these divine beings on canvas, so we can literally feel their presence.


Step into your destiny dear ones, remember who you are, allow the visions of these divine beings to infuse you with your purpose and mission this lifetime and to give you the courage to be who you are, to share your gifts, and to step forward, as a leader of those who are asking for more connection.


Feel the gold infusing your aura and transcending this body.

The Divine Mother

  • 30x40 Original Framed Acrylic mixed media

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