Soul Awakening: 30 minutes session $111 or 60 minutes session $222


My specialties are helping you to remember your big picture - the reason you are here, your mission, your purpose. This is so that you can understand your challenges, your roles, and your special gifts.


It all fits together organically. 


• Outline your big picture.

• Clarify your mission and purpose.

• Identifies challenges and clears obstacles to your path.

• Guides you to make decisions, and choose wisely.

• Connects you to your guides and your inner voice.

• Confirms your inner guidance.

• Financial, emotional, and business guidance.

• Reduce fear, anxiety, and angst by seeing the big picture and adjusting accordingly.


MASTER SWITCH - Level 2 - $197


Learn how to turn on your Master Healer Switch for more energy and vitality and how to assess where you are, where you want to go, and learn actual tools to turn on this switch and activate your energies.


Experience the turning on of your Master Healer Switch and the alignment with the Master controls of your body and spirit. You will feel the connection between your body and your brain, your innate intelligence and crown chakra, so you can receive healing and activation to all parts of your body. 


This is truly a remarkable process and clients are experiencing more energy, increased awareness, and a renewed sense of well-being and direction.


This program is designed to assist you to:


• Identify and clear your blocks and challenges.

• Reclaim your sense of self and personal mastery.

• Heal your heart as you release judgments against yourself and others.

• Increase your vitality.

• Renew your passion.

• Strategize new beginnings and directions.

• Align your body, mind, and spirit to reach your dreams.

• Attract more success, increased prosperity, improved health, and new relationships.

• Clears obstacles and challenges holding you hostage.

• Reclaim your vitality, your spirit, and your energies to not only ask for your miracles but to catch it.

• Turn on your Miracle Mastery Switch to monitor, regulate, and activate your energy field.

• Increase your sense of mastery.

• Maximize the gifts and talents you have been given to do what you came here to do.


COMBO of Soul Awakening & Master Switch $224

Soul Mastery Private Session


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