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The universe always accommodates you

The universe always gives you what you say you want, whether you know it or not. The truth is, you are sending out messages, and receiving instantaneous feedback from the universe 24/7.

Have you noticed there are days, sometimes weeks, where nothing seems to go your way? No matter how hard you try to keep a stiff upper lip, you know you are faking it, as you watch events literally go downhill.

Other days might find you leaping out of bed with the morning sun, ready to take on your day, full speed ahead. Almost miraculously, just like dominos, everything falls into place with ease and grace, and you know you have the golden touch.

The actions that keep this cycle of prosperity and success going, is the undercurrent of affirmations, along with the steady stream of blessings and gratitude throughout your day. Repetitive chants and prayers lay a groove, a pattern of success in your consciousness to keep your positive manifestations on track.

The sun shines its brilliance upon our corner of the planet with no regard to who you are. One person might wake up, invoke the morning prayers with gratitude and blessings for the shining sun, and finds their day is completely aligned and harmonious. The other man curses the dawn, spews negativity, and claims the world is evil. The difference lies not in the house they wake up in, the difference is what lays in their heart.

Upon graduation from chiropractic school, I distinctly heard an inner voice, a prompting, to move to San Francisco, where I would find my fame and fortune. Within days of arriving in the city by the Bay, I was taken to an intensive goal-setting workshop with Foster Hibbard, a lifelong student of Napoleon Hill. As Foster explained how our thoughts create our reality, he planted seeds of a new consciousness in my being. This was my first encounter with the law of attraction, that what we believe and affirm, is what we receive.

Having been raised to believe dreams were unattainable, this was a revelation. While growing up, my father forbade me from having feelings about anything, and I was told I could go to college only if I became an elementary school teacher. His death in 1973 released me to follow my own dreams and passions, and as a result of this class, I now could focus on accomplishing my visions.

I approached goal setting with cynicism and certainty this would not work. I began with the impossible goal of finding a place to live in the Marina District in SF, overlooking the SF Bay, rent-free. Bear in mind I had just graduated from chiropractic school and did not yet have a job nor taken my state licensing boards.

Now, remember what I said, the universe wants to give you what you want, wants to please you, like a life partner, a friend, a child. That night, the unexpected happened, I met Jeff, a commodities trader with a rather large apartment exactly where I wanted it. His girlfriend had just moved out, and he allowed me to move in, practically rent-free in exchange for buying food, and no, he never crossed the line with me.

Thus, within hours of my class, I had manifested the first impossible item on my list, proving to me that the universe had heard my prayers. I continued to study and take classes on manifesting, and went on to create a very successful chiropractic office in Berkeley Ca.

Let's say you go into a restaurant, and order ham and eggs over easy with toast. You expect the waitress to bring you a plate that has the exact items you ordered. Placing an order with the universe is exactly the same. You tell spirit what you want, place your order, and receive it.

So, if you are in fear about money, and you are begging for your rent to be paid, that lower state of consciousness of worry taints your request. The universe reads your message as, oh, she sort of likes being in that place of wanting, worrying, and not having enough, so we will continue to give her that experience.

In other words, you must raise your personal vibrational frequency to uplift your thoughts. Clearly stated focused intentions get the best results.

You came into this life with a mission and a purpose, equipped with what I call special gifts. When you share these gifts in service, the universe continues to give you more prosperity and abundance to enable you to continue your work.

Years ago, as a Doctor of Chiropractic, I spoke around the country on motivation and positive living. My mother attended my lectures when she could, and told me I had the gift of stick-to-itiveness, meaning, I always followed through and never gave up. Before her death, she informed me, that this quality was my saving grace, and because of it, I was able to not just want a better life, I was able to dream it into existence. That focused intention and belief in my ability to attract when I want because the universe wanted me to have it resulted in absolute success in all ways.

So, have that talk with yourself. Feel into your purpose and mission, and what you dream about doing. Set your intentions, and ask for what you do want, not for what you don't. Remember, once you start believing in yourself, the universe will always act in accordance to your highest desires and give you what you ask for. In fact, it’s yours for the asking!


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