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Updated: Nov 20

Dearest ones

How is your heart feeling after all these months, hidden inside, and now masked. I can barely remember what last fall was like, Any sense of normalcy, is non existent. . There won't be a return of what we knew. before, the old normal, no we will create a new normal. The truth is, the outer world of material form, our 3-dimensional earth life where we are concerned with everyday matters of living, is in a sort of planned breakdown. I mean planned because prophecies have foretold a new era beginning, with the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.

According to Elizabeth Clare Prophet, "Aquarius can be an age of freedom, peace and enlightenment, a time of technological progress combined with spiritual development. It can be a time when we break free from the past. It can be a time when the spirit of cooperation becomes the basis of every relationship—cooperation between God and humanity, and between people everywhere." 

However, those on the spiritual path know that movement into the new can be accompanied by a seeming breakdown of the old. So despite understanding, this too shall pass, it can be a rough experience for many.

This morning I woke up to wild and windblown, literally! The beautiful tall tree in my front yard was being torn up in front of my eyes. A rather large branch blocked my front door. Chaos reigned outside as high winds continued pummeling this poor tree.

But inside, magic manifested itself brilliantly. the fire roared greeting me with a smile, the music soothed, and meditation calmed my nerves,

my guides reminded me not only this too shall pass, but we were born for these times. My job was to hold the intention that all is unfolding for the highest good of all concerned.

So just remember, the world may rage and storm, but your inner world, ahh, that's another world completely. Take back control of your thoughts, release fear and panic. hold steady. focus your intentions on your visions, and allow your power to stabilize you and your world.

That's how you maintain your island of peace and sanity.


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