Messages of Unity from the Pink Giraffe - Day Two

Today we are looking at how to handle challenges from the increased stress in the world today and bring balance, peace and harmony to our lives. Unity and world peace, so elusive and so important. Its something we can impact in a positive way, daily, with our thoughts and actions. 

I was asked to channel the pink giraffe and in fact all the giraffes, and to share with you their wisdom. They are one of my favorite animal beings, and they have much to teach us.

They are the only animals besides us humans, that shed real tears. They have to ability to use a facility that we need to learn, the gift of seeing the larger picture. Because giraffes tower over everyone else, they have a unique gift of having 360 degree vision. They can see in all directions and will never be lost.

Although we live in a 3-dimensional world that keeps us pretty busy just living our lives, we can also get trapped in the lower vibrational energies and emotions here. Feelings such as anger, hate, and jealousy are what are called lower vibrational feelings, meaning they make you feel heavier, more depressed, darker. From there, you can even find yourself trapped, despaired, lost and confused, and unable to lift yourself to a better place. It’s like an old-fashioned record recording that used a needle on the record to play. When the needle gets stuck in a groove, it’s almost impossible to get out of the groove, or the track, on your own.

Instead, your futile attempts at escape cause deeper grooves so you can’t get out.

When we work with giraffe energy, we learn to see the larger picture and take our emotions out. Rather, we look to understand what is the reason, the purpose for these activities, and how can we help, for the highest good of all concerned, not just ourselves.

So here’s a guideline, always step out of your little self

Begin by asking “How can I be of service; what is the bigger picture? What is the highest outcome for all concerned? This gives you a chance to feel into and hear the back story, perhaps the lessons involved for each individual.

We can let go of anything standing in the way of having this consciousness of unity, of peace and harmony.

Let’s ask what is for the highest good of myself, my family, my street, my town, my state, my county, my planet. Anything and everything is included to shift into this state of higher vibrations.

So, my dear friends, Unity begins with us, begins with hearing the voice of spirit to inspire us to step into the larger picture and into our highest of selves. Believe in yourself. Aspire to step into the energies of love, compassion, healing, wisdom and nurturing our planet together.

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