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Love is the Greatest Miracle

‘Tis true. Love is the greatest miracle of all. Love, the feeling, the art of, the state of being, whether a verb or noun, transcends the ordinary and expands into the cosmos. From the tiniest to the infinite, love’s magical awakening of consciousness, lifts your spirits to the “moon and back.”

The answer to life’s challenges is Love, to be in conscious communion aligned with the blessings in your life, aware of and attuned to the miracles and magic available to you, 24/7. Love requires no pre-requisites, nor college degree, nor training, only a sincere, dedicated heart.

Love is a magical wand, a gift from God, yours to wave and cut through that which creates confusion or separates you from source. This wand always heals the heart within. “One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life. That word is love.” Sophocles

Like an ocean wave, love will sweep through you with a rush, causing your heart to palpitate and your soul to sing. With love residing within you, all is possible as this feeling allows you to step beyond yourself, reach to the stars to become a larger version of you. Love itself heals your heart, fills your cup as it spreads light throughout the world.

Love is by far the most elusive yet readily available, and ever-expanding vibration in the universe for it cannot be contained and restrained. Every emotional state produces a vibrational energy field, much like the sound you hear when you pluck the strings of your guitar or violin. For example, the emotions of anger create a lower frequency, a heavy dullness, that clogs your body and brain. These strong heavy moods interrupt your hormones and other body functions, creating distortions and energy drains. Playing in these lower energy fields scatters and wastes your vital life force.

As you raise your consciousness on the emotional vibrational scale, your burdens lift, your vision clears, and love fills those empty spaces to heal your body, mind and spirit.

Love is the emotion beyond all emotions. This feeling becomes a current, a force of bliss and ecstasy that sweeps through your being directly connected to your heart. There, in that space of pure joy, filled with cosmic celestial nourishment, expansion, and happiness, is you.

Here is where you will hear your heart sing, and feel those muscles beat to the sound of joy. Perhaps you can tune in and hear the choir, the symphony of the angels, as their sounds go out through the galaxy, singing hallelujah and rejoicing with you.

Love heals all, from the tiny glitch in your heart to the intricacies within your mind. You, my friends, deserve love, for you are a child of the universe. You are, because you are, because you are. You are love. Pure love. Always and forever.

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