How not to defrag during the August Angst

Whew, August changes are in the air. Thank goodness, because from what I am hearing, some of you, including myself, experienced more or less a defragmentation this winter and spring, even into the summer as the elements of transformation shifted. This of it as having all the chips thrown up into the air. What blows away is no longer needed. What stays are the new pieces of this upcoming phase of transformation and change. From chaos always comes the restructuring and resurrection, and we are on that edge, personally and collectively. It can be a bit frightening to experience to experience the whirlwind I had a dramatic awakening in July leading to sparks being emitted from my right finger -tips, lighting up my stomach. I was sitting under the moon, July 6th, in Pahrump Nevada visiting a dear friend. The conversation turned to extra -terrestrials and to spirit guides, and how they had guided her life to this point. I stood up, turned to the ships in the sky, and in a powerful voice requested activation on my mission.  The sky quieted. The eerie stillness was broken by a loud squawk 15 feet to my right. An electrical shock went through my right arm into my fingertips and I was literally vibrating, tingling, real sparks coming out of my fingers. Light shooting from their tips into my stomach. My friend is going “Oh my god Joan your stomach is light up, so bright!” Very astounding my dear friends and exciting for my fingers trembled and vibrated all night long and I found myself healing everything I touched.

The next morning, while we gathered, drinking morning coffee and chatting, I was given a picture of how my work with the cannabis plant might evolve and encompass the art, the designs and the teachings I share. Thus the “Spirit of Cannabis”has been born, connecting to the plant spirit guides and their messages for healing and wellness. If you want to stay informed on how to align and balance body, mind and spirit within this evolving lifestyle, check out my new facebook page, under development as the picture unfolds. Be informed as it happens. 

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