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As I drive into the sleepy, quiet town of Desert Hot Springs, California, I am struck by how many new warehouses there are. Warehouses for the burgeoning business of cannabis, which tells me there are thousands of people waking up to the fact that cannabis has the power to help heal several ailments afflicting mankind. Once feared by the general population, mar.... and CB.... have now become the magic bullet of rejuvenation and health for many people. This is also the only place in the world with both hot and cold mineral aquifers, otherwise known as miracle healing waters. But today I have come to interview visionary artist Joan of Angels about her new series called, The Spirit of Canna.

WW: How did you become the artist, Joan of Angels living here in the desert? JOA: Joan of Angels was born after hearing a call from spirit that was guiding me to spread my wings and step into my purpose for this lifetime. However, it took me losing everything to hear this calling! I used to be a very successful chiropractor in northern California. I lost my practice, my home, my health, and my marriage in order to be humble enough to listen to that call. In one of my darkest moments in 2013 I desperately pleaded, “What do you want me to do?” I heard a voice say, “Paint 33 angels in 33 days.” Not only wasn’t I an artist, I had heard many times growing up that I was not creative. Despite the challenge, I knew this was a major test for me. I listened, and I painted. These large angelic beings started coming through me as clear visions when I started painting. I heard from them that I was the paintbrush assigned to bring interdimensional beings through so that mankind could see them too. Then humanity would know that this was part of their mastery here on planet earth. To be able to see, feel, and access these other dimensions of wisdom, energy, and guidance was necessary for human development and ascension. The paintings became infused with whatever I was painting, it was magical in a sense. They all have a certain energy or message that people can access and tap into. And true to form, I was called to dive in deeper and move to Desert Hot Springs, what I thought was the middle of nowhere so that I could better hear those voices and gain clarity. I met a woman the day after I moved here, and she asked who I was. I told her my name was Joan and that I painted angels. Dramatically, she put her hand up to silence me. She said, “Wait. I know who you are. You are Joan of Angels.” So, now I have my new name and I find out that Desert Hot Springs has been named one of the top ten worst places to live in the United States. I asked, “What in the world am I doing here?” I was shown that I needed to start calling it Desert Heart Springs from now on because it was part of the heart vortex of the planet, even though on the surface it looked dirty, grimy, poor, unsafe, or whatever. I was also shown that underneath was the crystalline heart of the planet that was coming through the healing mineral waters of the earth. I was told that part of my job was to expand and grow this heart center, so I planted my seeds here and kept on painting. WW: Have you ever used plant medicine to help you paint? JOA: Yes and let me explain it a bit more. As soon as I got to college at Boston University, I discovered marijuana. It seemed that everyone was smoking back then, but it tended to make me really paranoid and introverted. It wasn’t such a great thing for me so ultimately I stopped smoking when I was around 23 years old. It wasn’t until I retired from my chiropractic practice around 2005 that I started again. I was depressed and in pain from a work injury, and I did it to escape. But an amazing positive side effect happened in that I was able to clearly ‘see’ other people. It opened up my intuitive abilities, so I started doing readings for people that needed guidance. I had always been an empath and the marijuana helped me break free from my logical mind and allowed me to say what was in my intuitive mind. It opened up that gateway which was very freeing for me. When I started using it to help other people instead of being preoccupied with myself, I no longer had the paranoia and introversion. But, it wasn’t until I began doing sacred plant medicine journeys in 2013, especially the heart healing and hallucinogenic plants, that I shifted more into my purpose as an artist. In fact, it was after 2 plant medicine journeys when I heard that call to paint. I now realize that before that I was all over the place and unfocused and needed the extra push to focus my energies on how to move forward with more clarity and wisdom. Shamans say that some plants can do 10 years of therapy in one night and that has been my experience. WW: You also call yourself a visionary artist. Can you explain what this means to you? JOA: It is when I can take what I see in my visions, either very specific images or an essence of a song, and then translate that onto a canvass. First I remove myself from the vision and ask, “How can I best express it to convey the feeling of the art or the frequency of the message?” It might not look like the reality we are used to seeing, it might look completely abstract, only conveying the energy of the beings coming through. People feel the energy of the art and they are called to buy certain pieces. I also receive positive feedback about how their homes are now for example infused with the Mother Mary energy, or any energy from the beings that were being channeled at the time of creation. I have had several advanced channellers confirm that the art is 90-96% accurate when I push myself out of the way. I feel that is quite profound. One of the best aspects of cannabis is that it has its own special energy and it helps me get out of my logical mind and into these profound dimensions through my heart. I might be guided to change a painting to a purple painting. I sometimes fight it, question it, this is not logical right? But low and behold, someone comes to my studio shortly afterwards and buys the painting because it is purple. WW: The whole process sounds effortless for you. JOA: Well, most days it is easy for me. But, I will share with you that sometimes I question too much. “What am I doing with my life? Am I really creating something meaningful and powerful?” When I start judging, questioning, or doubting the process and my purpose, I get pulled out of my heart and my creative zone. Then I have to find my way back, usually through cannabis or my art. WW: Why the new series called The Spirit of Canna? JOA: I recently made the decision because this is one of my plants and I wanted to find out what the canna spirit guides wanted to teach us. I actually saw dancing images, devas from the plants and they all have a specific energy and spirit guide associated with them. Deva is a Sanskrit word meaning “body of light”. Devas work on an etheric level to orchestrate the energies that create form. So far, most have the divine male energy associated with them, maybe because we are healing that toxic male masculinity at the moment. The positive energies like focus, clarity, power, and strength are coming through. WW: Do most of the clients who purchase canna art also partake of the sacred herb? JOA: Most do, but strangely, my cousin, who still thinks its pure evil, loves some of the art. Maybe because each painting is infused with unique energies that you can experience or expand within you, whether it be a sense of calmness, interconnectedness, compassion, creativity, purpose, heart, or intuition. One painting might assist you to connect to your spirit guides, by tapping into higher dimensions and even receiving divine guidance on what is your purpose and guiding you to the next steps toward fulfilling that plan. The ancients have been using cannabis for over 3000 years to help them connect to their spirit guides. So, it will awaken in you the spirit of that plant and also help you meditate and reach deeper levels without ever taking a puff! That is magic to me. I am going to experiment by gifting my cousin a piece to hang in his home and see what happens! WW: Why is it important to interact with the intelligence of the plant or the art? JOA: I believe a lot of the world’s and humanity’s problems come from not feeling connected to anyone or anything. Everything in nature is endowed with intelligence and spirit. When you start interacting with the intelligence of plants, they become an ally on your awakening journey. The more we learn to communicate with unseen worlds, the more we will strengthen our inner knowing and guidance system. Plants are calling us to know the truth of our lineage as sacred humans, to reclaim our birthright of being a part of nature, not separate from it. This means everything in nature, from rocks, crystals, trees, animals, and plants. They will help us feel more connected to nature, to each other and to ourselves. WW: That is profound. Thank you for all that you do to help lift up humanity! BIO – TELL US MORE ABOUT JOAN OF ANGELS Joan of Angels is a visionary artist that can see, feel, and access beings in other dimensions who bring forth wisdom, energy, and guidance necessary for human development and ascension. Her paintings become infused with the frequency and energy of each unique insight and artistic expression. She is an oracle who offers one-on-one soul awakening sessions or group events. These private or group sessions can help you align with your life purpose by focusing your energies toward living your fullest potential. To book a private oracle reading or group events, kindly visit Joan at her website. Her artwork is also available for purchase as original acrylics, giclée’s, prints, cards, scarves, and shopping bags. If you wish to commission a piece, contact Joan directly to discuss. Each purchase of original art includes a mini reading from Joan of Angels.

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