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Presenting the feb/march 2021 e-zine from spirituality gone wild

dedicated to the spirit of love in all forms

from the sounds and magic of Jonathan Goldman, to Steve weber, our own Forrest Gump, transformational leaders across the world bring you the most advanced love based tools to knock your socks off, literally. in fact, going from our heads to our hearts, well, as Dr Sharron stroud says, this is the longest journey.

dr Sharron has written a wonderful article, invite love, to support you, a tale of forgiveness that left me in tears.

Take time to browse through the journal here, and be sure to check out my article, love is the greatest miracle of all. you can access the journal by clicking HERE .

these are the times to dig deep and reveal your own personal superpowers. The ezine is a great tool. so is the miracle makers club membership site, which is part of the untamed club in spirituality gone wild. Which means, not only do you have access to:

1. 30 days of miracle mastermind meditations which will help you move forward in leaps and bounds.

2. the weekly messages from the masters of miracles posted every Sunday with messages for the week, energy or vibrational temperature of the world, new ways for us to clear and move forward.

3. the five day challenge to walk the miracle path, which quite frankly, is a very good jump start, activation, to enhancing your special gifts and talents, align your body, mind and spirit, and raise your vibrations.

4. plus many other remarkably creative transformational coaches to guide you.

5. all this for 22.00 each month, I would say, it is beyond a great deal. each of the co-creators is worth so much more than that.

join the untamed membership site of spirituality gone wild and gain access to joan of angels HERE

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