Canna Inspired Art - The Why

Oh my oh my this plant has come out of the closet and is taking the U.S. by storm. Honestly, it never should have been illegal in the first place, but of course that is a different story.

The energy in my town, Desert "Pot" Springs, oops, officially known as Desert Hot Springs, has been unleashed with the onset of the canna grow business here in town and I've been feeling it. My art is responding to these frequencies.

Did you know the ancient gurus and mystics told us that each plant has its own spirit being? My job or mission if you call it that, is to connect with these divine beings and bring you their messages.  So, plant beings, canna beings, animal spirits, as well as departed loved ones and your spirit guides connect with me.

I can tell you this though, these canna plants are very happy to communicate with me. They are birthing themselves into my art at record speed. Not just canna but other higher vibrational angelic temples and portals too. Just haven't had the time to post yet.

This plant has been around for thousands of years used in sacred ceremonies. It is not all about the high, its really about the inter-dimensional shifting of reality, more or less, what I also see as being spirit work. In other words, canna, has been used for thousands of years for visionary, trance , mediumship, and shamanic type work. 

My guides literally informed me that I needed to show you a way to dive in and expand your consciousness, merely by using their energies that have been imbued in this art. Pretty exciting right?

Just a reminder, this is art, its for your walls.....

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