Okay, I admit it, these are tough times and even I, the so called Mistress of Miracles, has a down day every so often. Its true, these are the challenging times, the end times, the prophecy’s are unfolding, the anti -christ is here, and all we know is there is a countdown to the END Times which seem to be the NOW times.

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There’s no escape and no where to hide, and the truth is, we are all in this together.

Americans, and the global community, need miracles now more than ever.

So, what’s the scoop? Can you really shift this energy and create miracles, despite the recession/depression, and the news of doom and gloom? Can we thrive despite the seeming waves of attacks from all sides?

The answer is complex on several levels.

Yes, we can, but its extremely delicate. The reason being is that the energy of the planet right now, particularly America, is of doom, gloom and fear.

The law of attraction, the basis of The Secret, says that our thoughts create our reality, ie, if you think positive, you will get back only good, but if you send out negative thoughts, such as the sky is falling, that’s what you will receive. But what happens when the entire planet is cloaked in an aura of distress and fear. Even if you are sending out positive thoughts, trust me, they are getting way laid, covered in darkness, hardly getting out of the gate.

It’s going to take more than positive thinking to overcome this blanket of fear.

That’s one reason I have been developing what I am calling the Towers of Miracle Power.

The Miracle Makers Club is establishing centers of energetic power that raises the vibration of all who participate, so that there is almost a break in the darkness, so the positive thoughts can actually get through.

I have found that those who are focused on their purpose, their vision, and are busy launching work that helps others, or serves their mission, are the ones that are thriving and still brining in the money.

For example, one of my clients, a fairly well-known author, came to me distressed and fearful that she wouldn’t get any more writing contracts. Hey, who can blame her, she wrote her book and now is praying for more assignments? Its an artist thing.. We did the reading, got very clear on what her major mission is, what she is here to do at this time, and by the time she left my house, she was raring to go. And you know what, since then her book has become a best seller in England, usually a country not favorable towards American writers.

In order to shift and survive this period of time, you first must realize that on the inner planes, its time to access the skills that you already have. I believe that these are the times that we were born for, born to lead, born to emerge, survive, and endure. It’s the times that will shift and shape that who we are, and through the burning of the fires, our life’s purpose will emerge. Nothing is the same.

And, scary as that sounds, it’s the only way to approach this new phase. Be who you were meant to be. If its true that you are here because you have a role to play, just what is that role? For some its easy. Its as if they were born with a set of instructions in their hands, and they know where they are going and why. But for the rest of us, really, it could be challenging.

The truth is most of you are not living your purpose. You are in a life you followed because you weren’t shown all your options, you had few choices, and you didn’t trust that your visions were actually real. And, for many, its not till you are older that you understand the values you were choosing, aren’t the ones you want today.

It gets so complex, but the bottom line is this.

It takes a tribe to create change and transformation.

Deep inside of you is what I have named, the Miracle Muscle.This muscle sees and understands the entire picture, and has the potential to make your life’s dreams come true. But, and it’s a big but, to energize this muscle, you need to suspend a life of disbelief, listen to your own inner voice, and make the commitment that is being asked of you.

Lets talk about that.

When my kids and I were destitute and hungry, we made a pledge. We begged God for a miracle. Any type of miracle would have done, large, small, significant, or as small as a postage stamp. We wanted that miracle so badly, I could taste it. In fact, my very life, and that of my children, depended upon it.

We asked for miracles, and what I was told, by my inner voice, was that in order to be eligible for a life changing miracle, to change the karma I was in, to change something that had just occurred, there had to be a reason. Why would God, or the higher power gift me, Joan Hangarter, and her children, a Miracle. For what reason, what value would they get from this.

Quite a shock, ask not what God or the guides can do for you, but what you can do for them.

What is the message here? Well step one, why should you be granted this miracle. What is there about you, that is worthy of saving, of someone going to bat for you, interceding in your destiny, to help you shift your energy?

And, more important than that, should you be granted your miracles, what is your level of commitment? How will you serve, what will you give back in return for this most miraculous transformation of your inner and outer world?

So, before you ask for divine intervention, and the ability to create miracles in your life, look at your big picture. What do you have to offer? What are your skills, what’s your purpose, why are you here, and who is waiting for you to step into who you are, to assist them?

So instead of sitting there begging for a miracle, ask yourself why you deserve the miracle, and then go out and become that person.

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