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Awaken to your mission and activate the plan

Dr Joan Hangarter, DC,is a renown spiritual advisor, assisting you to find the solutions to your life's challenges. As an intuitive channel and guide, I look at the big picture, your mission and purpose, as well as your challenges and obstacles. As we gain clarity together you will experience more energy and vitality, as well as a sense of certainty and direction. As I like to say...we will awaken, align and activate your destiny. In a sense, this work confirms what you have known all along.

Try the Soul Awakening Session to start your journey towards awakening and becoming the you who agreed to be birthed here now and do the work you came here to do.

My mission was revealed to me at the age of 30 - to heal and inspire millions of people who have been suffering on all levels of pain and despair. Since that transforming moment I have committed my life to helping you understand who you are, why you are here, and most importantly, how to get there. So much healing occurs, its very moving. A sense of balance, confirmation that who you thought you might be is actually who you are is lifechanging.

I have many clients reporting that I somehow clarified for them things they hadn't even asked, but which for example, I knew. Last night, I told a client I was reading, that he was a light worker. He neither confirmed nor denied till later when he came over to me, said he had deliberately avoided any reactions to my words, but how did I know to use the word light worker. he had been told two weeks prior by another psychic he was a lightwkrker, and now, wanted me to tell him it wasn't so. By the end of the chat he understood his choices and why that actually describes him to a tee.

Now, wouldn't you like the clarity you need to move forward on your dreams. and visions? I love doing these readings and assisting in this very powerful, life changing way.

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