Royal Blood Lines Giclee Art Print on Canvas

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Canna life style art that raises the vibrations in your home and carries with it traits or qualities that can enhance yours.

These two refer to themselves as royalty, part of the royal bloodlines that are within our DNA. As you work with these guides, feel them literally within your bloodstream, energizing, awakening, activating you with memories of who you really are.

Take a deep breathe and go deep deep inside and learn about the powers, the unique gifts within your reside.

Each painting contains certain energies for healing on physical, spiritual or emotional levels. What energies does this painting share with you?

Brave, courageous and bold; risk taking, new paradigms, out with the old and in with the new. Breaking free of limitations

Available as a giclee print on canvas in several sizes. Delivery is 7-10 days. Message me if you need more information.

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