Golden Spirit Guide Canna Giclee Art Print on Canvas

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Canna life style art that raises the vibrations in your home and carries with it traits or qualities that can enhance yours.

This spirit guide appeared as a result of creatively diving deep into a photograph I had taken of a thriving plant. When I went into meditation with the plant itself, I found this image began to emerge in a variety of forms, clearly showing itself, himself, the spirit guide.

I was merely an instrument for this series of ancient ones to emerge. Can you feel their strength, yet underneath the joy. 

Available in two colors, gold and green spirit guide. 

The messages encoded in this series is to allow yourself to feel their strength, and power. Breathe it in. Breathe in life, strength, courage and certainty and know you are here for a purpose, a mission, to be you, to let your best gifts grow.


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