Thirty Days to a Miraculous Life

Thirty Days to a Miraculous Life

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Introduction: Your Personal Miracle Journal

 Everyone has within them the potential to live the life of your dreams. Within
you, resides the innate power to create a miraculous life. You are already a miracle master.

Despite the potential within, so few of you have found your purpose, and so you have not yet manifested your prosperity. I’ve come to share some good news with you -- creating your own miracles is far easier than you think. 

There are only three stages to creating a better life.

First, acknowledge in your heart miracles are possible for you. If you don’t believe it can happen, then it won’t. Build your desire to change. An evolution of the soul occurs when you objectively study your life and confront the good, the bad and the ugly.

 Step two has to do with vibration, the power of positive thinking, and healthy living. The miracle wave is a higher energy flow where everything you have been working towards comes together and your dreams are actualized with little to no obstruction. When you raise your vibration to the level where visons manifest, you will be aligned with your miracle wave.

Finally, activate your desire for transformation and unlimited possibilities in your life. This step involves creating a life plan and sticking to it. Making your miracle involves a major decision to follow your heart, and commit to a permanent change. Your guide is your intuitive self -- the inner you that knows why you are here and what you are here to do.

So what is your Personal Miracle Journal, you ask? Well, it is a couple of things. First, it is a place to write down and keep safe, your vision, hopes and dreams, and second, it is a place to really take stock of your life so that you’re on the right path to making dreams come true.

The Personal Miracle Journal provides guidance by helping you view your world differently. There’s an old saying that goes: if it isn’t written, it isn’t true. Writing anchors in exactly what you want. By putting it on paper, you enhance your clarity as well as create a written record to design the life you

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