Soul Awakening - Life Purpose Private Sessions 30 min

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Book your first session with Joan of Angels and understand your big picture. 
These  sessions:

  • Outline your big picture
  • Identifies challenges and obstacles to your path
  • Guides you to make decisions, and choose wisely
  • Connects you to your guides and your inner voice
  • Confirms your inner guidance

What people are saying about Joan

Joan is such a special gift to the planet. Her portraits hang in my homes to help me, guide me, and support me on my journey. They are true transmissions!” Heather Brand

"Your voice of encouragement and gift of sight are most signficant as I weave the new cloth, becoming golden threads of wisdom.” Denise Fearn

“Thank you so much Joan. By the way I really didn’t have a chance to say how much I appreciate you and the education you are teaching me. My life is going in an amazing direction when you guide me”   Kemel


 WOW WOW WOW!!!!  when you did the global prayer my hands got hot and I felt vibrations coming up through my feet that was so awesome!   Just had to share that, then when listening to voice one all I could smell were sweet fragrances that were not from here, I had that experience before and know its not from here; and I could hear them talking. THANK YOU for this special gift I greatly appreciate it."

Done on Zoom where we can see each other face to face. You will receive an audio of the session and an opportunity to decide if you are ready to learn to turn on your Power and activate your Master Healing Switch.

Upon payment please include your available dates and times and I will get back to you to set up our time together.  30 minutes

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