Living in Times of Prophecy - We are the Volunteers

Posted by Joan Hangarter on

Well, the times that were foretold are here, now, and it is happening with or without us. Many of you are what Dolores Cannon refers to a Volunteers, those souls who came here to earth just for these times.

Who knew it would actually come. Are you prepared, emotionally, physically and spiritually to step into your leadership roles, your power, your gifts. I know its difficult when the news and social media are in an uproar and who knows if its fear porn or real porn if you know what I mean. 

I know for me, I've been in training my entire life for today, for now, for this moment in time when i feel called to gather the angel brigade, this tribe, for balance and harmony.

Global miracles are required now more than ever, and here we are, calling on the angels. Each of you have gifts, skills, and talents that you have been given. Do your best to raise your vibrations and energies to be the light.
Corona actually does mean light, it means crown, aura, and radiance. How can that be, that this virus is named after a higher frequency? Perhaps its because we require a higher energy right now for this and the coming changes. 

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