Collective Miracles Occurring Now

Posted by Joan Hangarter on

Remember this is a 3 D projection, placing the world in a collective lockdown, shutdown, and fear. However, it is actually a blessing.
Its a moment of collective breathing
Anchoring in our roots down to the center of the earth

Steadying ourselves in the 
midst of the storms.
Calming, soothing, nurturing, the way into the heart.
This is collective humanity at the start
New paradigms
Neighbors loving on neighbors
For now, they have the time
We are no longer, for this moment
Chasing the elusive dime.
Dear ones
Do you know even what this means?
That earth, that heaven will know these dreams?
We are calling you one and all
No need to worry you will not fall.
Miracles are manifesting
right here and now
Believe in source
And take your bow!

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