Art to inspire, heal and align you with the divine!
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Greetings and Welcome

I am so glad you are visiting with Joan of Angels and our Celestial Art. In 2013, I was instructed to become a paintbrush for energies that wanted to be shared with humanity, in the form of angels and other divine spirit beings. I was told to paint 33 angels in 30 days thus launching this high vibrational visionary art.

Here you will find collections of my latest art work, including:

  • Rainbow Spirit Animals
  • Plant Spirit Beings
  • Angel Art
  • The Spirit of Cannabis series
  • Miracle Messages Oracle Deck
  • Other guides

Many people are seeking guidance and personal consultations to see the big picture and to receive body, mind and spirit alignments. Awaken, align and activate with one on one sessions.

Email me at
with questions, comments, feedback or opportunities to share this work and/or speak.


Private Consultations-Soul Awakenings-Purpose-Mission Activations

Book your first session with Joan of Angels and understand your big picture. These  sessions: Outline your big picture Identifies challenges and obstacles to your path Guides you to make decisions, and choose wisely Connects you to your guides and your inner voice Confirms your inner guidance Done on Zoom...

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